Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pate a Shoe

So I'm taking my pate a choux (pot a shoo) to the oven to dry it out.  I swing the half sheet pan up and hit the open door of the oven.  I then have pate a choux all over the place. No eclairs, no cream puffs.  I was able to save a few (2) but was so pissed at myself, I failed to take a picture.  Sorry.

I worked another One Time Event for Wolfgang Puck.  I did the usual plating and slicing.  But then I got a chance to cook.  Sauteed a bunch of scallops.  Real fire, real heat, real cooking.  Very cool!

Yesterday we made pie dough.   We'll be making a Quiche Au Fromage (cheese tart) today and a Blueberry pie tomorrow.

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