Sunday, October 10, 2010

Falling for Pate a Choux

We made this dough on Friday.  It isn't very hard or as labor intensive as puff pastry.  But, the cooking of pate a choux is tricky.  Cooking at a high temperature (425 to 475) to start allows the steam that is created to make it rise.  Then you have to reduce the heat (375 to 425) to let the dough dry out and for the egg webbing to retract back so as the inside can be filled.

Removing too soon or cooled too quickly, they collapse.  Or, the egg webbing inside does not retract and you are unable to completely fill them.  I saw quite a bit of pate a choux that had fallen and was very heavy.  Properly cooked, it is very light weight and has a golden brown color.

Mine came out good.  Monday we get to fill them with vanilla cream and cover with chocolate ganache.  Mmmmmm!

I'll take pictures.

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Erin said...

You forgot to mention how much the dogs enjoyed them!! =) Hope you have some leftovers!!