Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Petite Boulangerie

I made French pastries today.  Croissants and pastries actually.  I took my laminated dough and made the Bear Claws, figure eights and pin wheels with fruit, lemon, chocolate and cream cheese fillings I just love to eat.   As a class, we had enough to open a boulangerie shop for a day.  As a class, we all went around and oohh and aahhed at everyone else's pastry.

Then we got to take it home to eat it or give it away, it didn't matter because they only last a day.

We made French pastries today and it was cool.


Erin said...

Where's the reaction button that says YUMMY! Because that's the box I would have checked. Ya know...cuz...I could taste them through the computer. There better be some leftovers tomorrow!! =)

Anonymous said...

Ooh my gosh, what luxury - so very yummy! Thanks a bunch for the treats. Janet