Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Saturday morning we set out for Casperia.  My home three years ago when I attended cooking school here in Italy.  From Todi, there are two ways you can drive to there.  You can take the E45 through Tierni or take the A1 Autostrada that takes you directly to Rome.  The A1 is a toll road.  TomTom took us this way.  The thing about the autostrada is the lack of on and off ramps.  This is important.  As I was passing a truck, our off ramp came up and I missed it.  20 miles later, I had to exit, pay the toll, re-enter and drive 20 miles back to my exit.  And pay another toll.  Then it was a series of small towns, twisty windy roads and and few backtracks.  We finally made it to the Cucina Gusto Al Borga just outside Casperia, Paola's restaurant and school, only to find that my chef had sold the place.  Hmmm...  So we drove to the town and went to where my old apartment is located.  Paola had moved there, upstairs from my apartment and she had opened a new school which is also their home.  With a wonderful lunch of tortellini, wrapped meats, bread and wine, Chris and I shared with Paola and Franco our first visit to Italy.  Then a nap and a walk around the old town.  It had not changed, what a surprise.  Then dinner with their daughter Cecilia who drove up from Rome.  It was a great day for me to be back here.
"The Door" vintage 1050 AD to my Apt.
Paola's new school

Chris with Paola, ready to cook

We were invited to lunch on Sunday, but Paola was cooking for 12 new clients and we did not want to interfere, so we declined.  Leaving Casperia was sad knowing we will probably not be back to a place that has so many happy memories.  "to be continued"

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