Thursday, November 6, 2014

Google me This!

So today, we set out to meet Bert and Rina's family.  We met Rina's sister, Maria and her daughter, Danila.  They own a dress manufacturing plant and happen to be next door to a Nissan auto repair shop that rents cars.  Who don't speak much English.  Thank goodness Danila was able to speak a little and we got our points across.  Just an aside, when you come to a foreign country on your own, learn the language.  However, there is a savior.  Besides that's Google Translate.

Having rented a car at the airport to get to Todi, we have to turn it in this Friday.  At $280 euro for three days, we would have to come home before Thanksgiving if we kept it any longer.  That's where Franchesco comes in.  He's a friend of the family.  He also owns the Nissan repair shop that rents cars thats next to the dress manufacturing company.  So for $400 euros/month we'll pick up the car, a Fiat, and Chris will follow me to Perugia and we will drop off the Hertz car.  Then make our way back to Collevalenza and then huddle down as it's suppose to pour this weekend.
Looking Eastward, toward the gathering storm
Other exciting news; we got the fireplace working, found the electric gate opener and a place to put the trash.

There's a movie that came out this year that we streamed.  It's called "A Trip to Italy".  It's funny and light hearted.  Watch and see if they have these issues.

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