Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Gate to Roma

At 1500 on Tuesday, I was thinking, how the hell can I make it back to Long!  But, with Google Translate I wrote to the electrician: Non c'è una sostituzione in modo da poter aprire manualmente il cancello? Si si, no problemo!  Yes he could override the power and we opened the gate and out came the Fiat.  Long Beach can wait.

By 1600, were out of the house and back to the Poker store to check on Wind....again.  We took our Mac and the Wind device and showed the very patient lady who works there that we were not able to connect.  Figuring we did something wrong and would, again, have to pay another $25 euros for our 12 Gigs.   She brought over the store owner, a most unforgiving man, who took the Wind device and our Mac and tried to connect.  Again and again, it would not connect.  It kept freezing.  Interesting thing about where the Poker store is located, outside the store they have free WiFi.   Now this is weird, he took the Wind device outside, placed it near the free WiFi sign and left it there.  10 minutes later, our Mac was connected, on Wind.  Only in Italy.

I realized I had not posted any pictures of Franco during my last two posts regarding Casperia.  The nicest man, ever.
Franco, Paola's husband
Franco brushing of 1 of 7 cats

Wednesday was our day to prepare for leaving Collevalenza and meeting up with Erin in Rome on Thursday.  I had to buy a chain and lock for the electric gate that no longer worked and was on override.  Meaning you could push it open.  So off to Franchesco's again and he took me to a hardware store.  Good thing, I would have never found it.  So for a grand total of $40 euros, I paid the  electrician, got a chain and lock and the gate is locked up.  Cleaned the casa, packed and had a great dinner.  Tomorrow at 7:40 AM we catch the bus to Roma.

La vita è facile in Italia.
Life is easy in Italy.

$40 euros later

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