Friday, November 21, 2014

Light and Sunshine on our Adventure

Up at 6 AM Thursday for our bus trip to Rome.  We packed the night before so all we had to do was eat a bit of toast, lock up and walk to the bus stop.  It was cold.  It was foggy.  It is late November in Italy.

Misty, morning rain.
The bus arrived on schedule and we boarded.  Not knowing fully the system, I tried to pay the bus driver.  He declined my money.  OK,  so we got on the bus with the other 4 passengers and we were on the road to Rome.  On the way we picked up another Sulga Bus Co. employee and he took my money.  $12 euros each and we were settled up.

Driving into the city made me shudder as more and more traffic piled up.  Vespa's buzzed by like hornets.  (Note: Vespa is the Italian word for hornet).  Got to the main terminal in the City Center and departed for the taxi line.  Ominous signs warned us to be sure to take the legitimate cabs that are white.  I wondered if illegitimate cabbies could read those signs.  Anyway, we got in the cab and $10 euros later we were at our ***** Star hotel.  It includes breakfast.  But not on arrival day.  Having arrived around 10 we could not check in but we were hungry.  Breakfast was served till 11 so we checked our bags and went in.  The buffet was all that was available and it was $36 euros...each...Nothing like a $80 US dollar breakfast of scrambled eggs and smoked salmon for the two of us.

We met the concierge and he outlined where some of the near touristy spots were.  So we walked  over to the Spanish Steps and a further walk to the Piazza del Popolo (Plaza for the people)
The Egyptian Obelisk fronting construction at the Spanish Steps

At the people's plaza

All the time waiting for Erin to arrive into Rome.  At 6:45 PM,  Erin finally arrived at our hotel.  YEA!!

Erin's here

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