Friday, November 28, 2014

Holy Camogli

Due to many WiFi issues, I'll attempt to catch up.  After Siena, on Tuesday we stayed put in Florence and walked all over the place.  Saw a bunch of renaissance art and sculptures.
(How's that for catching up)

Wednesday was a traveling day.  Not unlike most Americans going or coming home for Thanksgiving we were traveling.  Only we were traveling to Camogli.  A wonderful seaside town just south of Genova.  Going to Camogil, one must pass through Pisa.  When one is in Pisa, you go to that place.

Obligatory Picture

Why Camogli, because that's were our good friend Libby Acevedo was going to be.

Libby with Conan, the Wonder Dog.
Seaside village of Camogli

Libby's daughter, Cassie, lives there with her husband and son.  They also own Jack's bar.  I'd travel 3 hours to spend time with a bar owner.  Walking through this enchanting town was very therapeutic.  Also very hilly.  From the sea, the town goes straight up the mountain side.  During the war, most of the towns marble was knocked off the buildings when we bombed the Germans.  So they painted the town.  Part of its charm is the windows and doors are painted like the marble was still there.

The Castle Dragon built in 1518

The castle was built on a rock and much later the town was build over water so today it looks like more like the picture with Libby, Chris, Erin and Conan.

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Denise said...

Now that we have returned from our own adventure and look forward to living vicarious through your Italia blog. It is wonderful to see you both delighting in all that is Italy.

Thank you for bringing us with you.
Con affetto!