Thursday, November 6, 2014

Searching for Tim!

Got to Italy, got a $300 euro car to drive up to Collevalenza to turn it in three days later.  Taking the bus wasn't an option after 11 hours in the air with four bags and sleep deprivation.  Regardless, we are here.  Greeted by warm winds and electrical storms we went out in search of the internet.  No easy task an a very small town where NOBODY speaks english.  Teem, WeeFee?  (i is pronounced ee) so Tim is pronounced Teem!  After finding two computer stores where they did not have Tim, a nice gentlemen who spoke just enough english pointed us to a new building just 3 kilometers from here.  Amazingly, we found the store, waited patiently and boldly asked, Teem?  WeeFee??  Teem fini! we were told.  Seems "Wind" is the new internet source.  $69euros later were had the Wind to our back and the internet allowing us to speak to you all now.

So now its off to new adventures, like finding food.


Mike k said...

Benvenuti in Italia. Ora andare a mangiare.

Welcome to Italy. Now go eat.


Ginger said...

So the adventures have started! Oh the things we take for granted. Glad you're now connected.