Thursday, November 13, 2014

Hiding our asses in Narni

Tuesday, we went to Narni.  It's a small hill town that houses an Italian university.  Cool fact abut Narni, the book series by C. S. Lewis was entitled The Chronicles of Narnia because he liked the name Narni found on a Atlas map of Italy.  They made three movies from that series.  We'll be going back there as Chris had a small relapse and we left before we were able to do much.

Narni or Narnia if you prefer

Wednesday.  The gas man is coming, we hope.

Thursday morning.  Been waiting for the gas man, Luca.  I understood he would be here Wednesday, but he didn't show.  Maybe today.

Meanwhile, Chris discovered a cool app called "Hide my Ass".  It allows you to change your IP address.  So in Italy, where we have an Italian IP address, we can use Hide my Ass and we can select a US IP address to hide where we are.  It shows that we are actually in the US.  Why, you ask, would we want to hide our ass?  Easy, to stream movies and TV shows from Netflix.  We never saw Breaking Bad when it was making its run so we started season one.  We're hooked.

We will be going to Casperia this weekend to see my chef instructor, Paola, while I was here in 2011. Then, Erin comes in to Rome on Wednesday.

Might try and find that pastry shop today in Massa.

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