Sunday, November 2, 2014

Silver Linings Playbook or VISA vs visa.

Chris went in to get our boarding passes for tomorrow and discovered that we need a visa for any stay over 90 days.  Even though we went over this with our travel person, thinking since we are leaving Italy to travel to other enchanted locals outside the boot, and are not spending 90 consecutive days there, it would not matter.  It does!!!

Arrival and departure dates are from the same city in Italy, they are more than 90 days apart,  therefore, you need a visa.  No visa, no leaving the U S of A.  Unless we changed our departing date from Italy to Feb instead of March with a slight charge for our stupidity, we weren't going anywhere.  So, we forked over the extra cash and now are on a 3 month stay.  The good news, we found out about it today and not at the airport tomorrow at 6:15 AM.   More good news, our bags are under 50 pounds.

Looking for those silver linings anywhere I can.

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Ginger said...

So looking forward to following your wonderful adventure. Arrivederci!