Monday, November 10, 2014

Communication Breakdown

The past two days have been anything but a fun trip to Italy.  After getting the cars switched on Friday, it seemed just about everything went down hill.  Chris' bronchitis seemed worse, she was sucking on Halls Menthol drops like a chain smoker and her throat was scorched.  Our decision to put WiFi on her phone backfired as we removed the Verizon SIM card for a Wind SIM data card and lost our international calling capability.  Erin arranged for me to have international calling on my phone through Verizon at home, but it wasn't working.  Sickness, communication breakdowns and a language barrier that was more trouble than we had anticipated left us feeling a bit down.

Perseverance and patience was needed and it finally paid off.  Sunday night, using the phone given to us by Rina, were were able to get a hold of Verizon International and get my phone up and working.  Seems my settings were wrong.   Chris stopped sucking Halls Menthol drops and her throat was getting better.  So was her bronchitis.  Skyping with Erin and Chris' friend, also a Chris, proved therapeutic.  Then a walk to the Sanctuary in Collevalenza and a healing cappuccino at the bar seemed to work its magic.

And, nothing like some homemade meatballs and some spaghettini #3 to make everything seem a bit better.  So it's on to week two.

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Ginger said...

So sorry to hear of problems with communications and Chris' health but happy that things are looking up. Hang in there guys ��