Sunday, November 30, 2014

Giving Thanks in Camogli

The day after Thanksgiving, Cassie and Stefano had planned a huge feast for their Italian and American friends.  Cassie, a native of Long Beach, met and married Stefano here in Camogli.  They have a two year old son named Jackson and have purchased a bar/caffe/pizzaria here and called it Jack's.

For two years, Cassie has had Thanksgiving dinner at their bar on Friday.  Inviting American teachers from Genova and Stefano's Italian friends and family from Camogli.  This Friday was to be no different and Chris and I were going to be here to partake.  Turkey, stuffing, two kinds of mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, cornbread, cranberries, creamed corn.  Cassie asked me if I could think of anything else.  I thought, "a bit heavy on the starches", and said how about a creamed spinach dish.  Spinach isn't in season here, so I said, "what about Kale!"

Chris and the calm before the feast at Jack's
So I went and purchased 20 bunches of kale, cream, milk, butter and Cassie had bacon and sundry items and I made Creamed Kale with my hotel room that had a small kitchen.  Cassie made everything else with some help from Erin and Chris at her apartment up the hill.  Dinner was at 8 and we all met there at 7 to finish up the preparations.  At 7:30, Cassie said, "I forgot about the gravy". Chris said, "Tom can make gravy".  Butter, flour, chicken broth with S&P to taste, viola, Gravy!

The Gravy maker with Cassie

The spread.  The Creamed Kale with Bacon 2nd from the end.

Fabrizi with his American teacher girlfriend

Etmae, enjoying the leg with assistance from Chris
Unfortunately, Erin had to catch a train back to Rome at 6 and would miss the feast.  About 40 people came and it was half American and half Italian.  Cassie, understanding that Italians would never choose any of the food items, (what, no pasta?) served everyone some of everything.  Not trying the food would be an insult, so they had no choice but to eat.  And man, did they eat.  The creamed kale and corn were a hit, and the gravy, a bit runny for my liking, tasted great and the Italians didn't know any different.  Cassie's food was amazing and we all acted like all Americans do on Thanksgiving.  We ate too much.

Libby, Cassie's mom, got up and explained what Thanksgiving meant to Americans and then Stefano played the Star Spangled Banner and all the American's got up and sang.

Probably the best Thanksgiving ever with our new friends in Camogli.

My beautiful wife

No words necessary

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