Thursday, August 5, 2010

Don't Bogart that Caul Fat, my Friend!

We did two exciting chicken dishes today. Ballotine de Poulet Grandmere and Stuffed Chicken Breast Doria. For the Ballotine de Poulet Grandmere we deboned a leg/thigh combo and then stuffed it with sautéed onion, celery and portobello mushrooms. Then you roll it and then wrap it in caul fat. More on caul fat later. You sear it and then remove and deglaze with white wine, add mira poix, tomato paste and then chicken stock. The key is beurre manie (beurr man-yea). That's equal parts butter and flour just combined but not cooked. This thickens the sauce and makes it shiny. BTB ( bring to boil) and into a 350 oven to poach for 20 minutes or so. Or as we are told, "Till it's done." Picture included.

The Stuffed Chicken Breast Doria is also rolled, but is poached in 165 degree water. The stuffing is called Forcemeat. I'm sure that part is left off the menu. You make a chicken mousse with egg whites, mixed herbs, creme fresh and bread crumbs. That gets rolled up in a pounded chicken breast, rolled even tighter with plastic wrap and then rolled again in foil. I felt like I was back in the 60's. Then poached in water for 20 minutes. Or, like I said earlier, till it's done. No picture of this one, sorry.

Time was running out, so I didn't sauce the Doria. Or saute the tourney cucumbers. I did put raw cucumbers and chopped chives to finish the dish. Chef was impressed with my stuffing and degree of doneness. Seasoning was good too. Just needed to finish the darn thing with a sauce.

The Ballotine de Poulet Grandmere was really tasty. I ate that one. Then I remember what caul fat is. The squeamish may want to stop now.

Caul Fat: The lining of a pigs intestine.

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