Thursday, August 26, 2010

Crying Fowl

Yesterday, we prepped for Poe'ler Duck Breast and Turkey Breast Scaloppine. Lots of fowl breast were exposed yesterday and cremated today. We did get to "fabricate" a duck. It's like a chicken, but different. How's that for a statement! I haven't been posting every day due to the class procedure of prepping the day before we cook. Blogging about prepping and mize in place is somewhat boring and repetitive.

But it was a good day for yours truly. I made both windows, my Scaloppine was cooked perfect with a great, I mean great, mushroom sauce. Croquette potatoes and a side salad accompanied the dish.

My Duck Breast was just a tad over cooked although still pink and juicy and the skin was just a little too dark, but the taste was great. It comes with a Sauce Bigarade , which I nailed, and Gratin Potatoes which I also nailed. Chef Brown told me I had the best flavor profile to date. Like I said, a good day.

French Term for the day:
Poe'ler (po e lay) to pan-fry; to cook an element in a frying pan over high heat with minimal oil

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