Thursday, August 19, 2010

Remembering How Food Connects Us

Today was sort of a repeat of what we did during Foundations I. We fabricated a filet of sole in preparation for tomorrows meal of Sole Meuniere (mun yair). This is a classic way of sauteing fish by dredging the fish in seasoned floor and sauteing in clarified butter. We are also doing Mussels with Angel Hair pasta in a white wine sauce with concasse (con cas say) tomato and shallots. Concasse is a peeled, deseeded and diced tomato.

I have cooked mussels only once before for our friends Kenny and Lyn up in Washington. I made a Cioppino that was probably one of my top 5 meals made of all time. I will raise a glass for our dear departed friend, Kenny, when I make the mussels tomorrow.

Reposer en Paix Monsieur Kenny.

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