Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How was your Day? Pincer!

Today was another great day. After doing most of our mize en place yesterday, we set out to complete two dishes. First up was a roasted pork tenderloin with a pan sauce, pickled red cabbage, bulgar wheat pilaf and sliced apples sautéed in butter and sugar. Then beef stew, again. We did beef stew twice in Foundations II, but it was on the menu again for today. But this time with Tourned (tour nayd) vegetables.

My pork came out great. We had to truss it and then roast it after a quick sear. We cut the roast into chops. The Bulgar wheat was approved by Chef Brown, but the cabbage needed more sugar. He even like my plating. (see pic) The beef stew was ok. Not enough salt, but my tourned veggies were perfect. Chef gave me high marks for them. Again, I made both windows. Very important to make the windows.

French Kitchen Term for the Day:
Pincer: (pin say) To brown or caramelize and dry out, from the French word "pinch". A flavor enhancing technique most often associated with tomato paste.

We use this technique in the making of Beef Stew when we add tomato puree to the browning process of the meat, onions, garlic and flour.

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