Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Liking what you cook, or not!

Today we prepped our rabbit for tomorrow's Braiser Rabbit with Mustard over Carrot Pasta. I also got to make our pasta with pureed carrots. When you look at a rabbit without its fur, it looks sort of like any small animal. A squirrel, possum or even a cat. If you buy whole rabbits, be sure you trust your purveyor. Or skin them yourselves. Poor bunny!

We are also making Sweetbreads in a Maltaise sauce. Thymus glands are on tap for an appetizer tomorrow. Maltaise is a Hollandaise sauce with blood orange juice and zest. Again, alternative meat, thymus, liver, are not Chef Browns favorite food items. Anything with a membrane that needs to be removed makes him squeamish, which makes us laugh. But he always tells us, "Just because I don't like it, doesn't mean I can't cook the hell out of it."

Maybe I'll learn to cook the hell out of Brussels sprouts.
I just won't eat them.

French cooking term for today:
Brasier (bray zay) To braise: cook a meat in a covered dish in or over gentle heat with a little liquid, usually over a small bed of fine diced vegetables.

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