Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Yesterday, we mized out a bunch of ingredients. Making a Ballontine el Poulo, potato pancakes with a pan sauce w/garnish of mushrooms and pearl onions. Then making Vegetable Curry with Yellow split peas and Lentel . That was served with an airline chicken breast and a mango salsa. Lots of ingredients and spices, knife cuts and herbs.

Today we cooked it. Ever have one of those days were nothing, I mean nothing goes right. Me too. Today actually. Burnt the Yellow split peas, did not salt the lentel. my braised Ballontine just about cooked till dry, I saved it, but it wasn't my best. I forgot two ingredients for the Vegetable Curry and again plated it into a bowl that was too small.

The only thing I did right was the salsa. I brought that home. I ate the chicken breast and the Ballontine. Actually, my pan sauce came out pretty good as well.

I told the Chef that I got frustrated when the Yellow peas burned. He asked what I did before starting school. I told him I carried water. "Did you ever get frustrated carrying water?". No, I said. I knew how to do that! He said, touche.

French term for today:

Touche - (Too-chey) to hit or wound in fencing or an effective point in an argument.

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Erin said...

I think you need to get that little "Breathe" hanging pillow out and hang it from the exhaust over your stove in your kitchen at school! Just sayin... =) But I'm loving the French lessons!! Merci Patre!