Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Two Dished Made into Three

If you have been keeping up with these blogs, first of all thank you, then you know that today we were doing our first attempt at two complete meals. They include a protein, a starch, a vegetable, sauce and garnish. Complete meals are composed of these five items. We made Veal Scaloppine alla Marsala with Tourned potatoes and Green Beans with roasted peppers and bacon. Our second item was Grilled Pork Chop with soft Polenta and Glazed Carrots in a reduced demi glaze sauce w/butter and garnished with chopped parsley. {Side note: oil your grill with half an onion that has oil placed on the flat side. It oils the grill and gives it a nice bit of flavor.}

In my earnest attempt to do each dish, I got a bit confused. As I was grilling my pork chop, I went ahead and started my Veal Scaloppine. Butterflied the veal, dusted it with flour and cooked it in a bit of oil. Then I deglazed the pan with Marsala wine. Added some demi glaze and reduced it. I went over and took my pork chop off the grill as it was done. I placed the polenta on the plate, placed the chop on top of the polenta and added the carrots. Then I promptly put the reduced Marsala sauce on the Pork Chop and garnished with chopped parsley. I was told my carrot were too small and the sauce was too sweet and needed more salt. (no kidding)

If you were able to keep up with that then you know that the Marsala sauce was suppose to go on the Veal Scaloppine. Not to be detoured, I got more Marsala wine, reduced some demi glaze, added it to the pan, put in the Veal cutlet to heat, plated my potato tourney, green beans with roasted peppers and bacon. Then placing the veal on top of the green beans I spooned the new Marsala sauce over the veal and garnished with chopped parsley.

Chef told me my plating could be better. Stack the veal a bit higher on the green beans. Also my potatoes were way over cooked.

What, no extra credit for Grilled Pork Chop alla Marsala?

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