Wednesday, August 11, 2010

More Peas Pleez

Practical number one, done. Beef Stew with Polenta. I'll say this now, the Claim Jumper is not my speed when it comes to portions. They are way too big. You would think that when I turned this dish in I would remember where the heck I am. Learning fine dining. Small portions, beautiful plating. Mine was more like Polenta with a little beef stew served at a cattle ranch. Saving grace, Chef told me my polenta was the best he tasted that day, and my beef was very tender and seasoned perfectly. Oh, and I forgot the peas on my beef stew. Missing an ingredient is not good. Ever!

Veal Scalloppine all Marsala with Roesti potatoes and Green Beans went better. My veal was a bit over cooked. But the plating was much better and the green beans were just right. Note to self, never try to brown something in a non-stick pan. Takes forever.

Tomorrow is our final written test and the last two cooking practical exams. Poached Salmon and Grilled Pork Chop. Two different Le Cuissons. It should be another fun day.

I can't wait.

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