Monday, August 30, 2010

Ehh, What's up Doc?

Today was a production day. We made Calves Liver Lyonnaise with French Fries, or Pommes Frite as the French call them, along with sauteed haricot verts. (Green Beans). And, we made a grilled roasted barder (French term of the day: Barder - bar day, wrapped in bacon)Filet, sauteed artichoke hearts and a blue cheese souffle with a Madeira Sauce.

Souffles are interesting. A very temperamental mixture of egg yoke, bechamel with folded in egg whites. You can make souffles savory or sweet. At one of the OTE's I worked, they served chocolate souffles. Yummm! With blue cheese they sort of taste and smell of dirty feet. I don't recommend them. Unless you like dirty feet.

Chef Brown has a very bad history with liver. Seems while he was in school at LCB he volunteered, because he told us he was a bad ass, to clean a whole calves liver while dealing with a weekend hangover. He attempted to clean the liver but then wretched in a waste basket because of the smell. We were all hysterical as he told his story. He did not indulge in tasting our cooked liver. He just checked for doneness.

All my dishes came out great. I forgot a garnish on my liver plate, damned old age, but otherwise, all tasted great and were served on time. Even my souffle rose up nicely and was cooked perfectly.

Tomorrow, Rabbit. Rabbit served with a carrot pasta. Get it? (we're eating carrots and rabbit)

I thought it was funny!

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Erin said...

I love that you crack yourself up! And I laughed out loud at title of this post because It was funnier after I read it! Silly Wabbit!