Monday, August 9, 2010

Le Pocher (po shay)

Monday, Monday!
Our last day for demo's from the Chef's as the remainder the week is all testing. A vocabulary test, all those French words, and two days of practical testing. Four distinct dishes all using different Le Cuissons and to top it off, our Final Exam! Friday we are off.

Today's le cuisson, Pocher (poaching). We poached sole two different ways. En Papillote (pa-pee-yote), in paper. Fish seasoned and placed on lemon slices, shallots and parsley and then wrapped in heart shaped parchment paper. It's really steamed, but it's considered le pocher method. Then doing fillet of sole in a Court Bouillon. That's in water with large dice mira poix, bay leaf, herbs, peppercorns and parsley stems . Also known as a short stock, used only for fish. Le Pocher has a specific temperature range. Extra credit if you know it. (160-180 degrees). Because the fish is very tender, and small, it only takes a few (2) minutes to cook. So I overcooked my fish done in court bouillon, but my fish done en papillote came out perfect. The poached fish was served with rice pilaf and tourne zucchini with lemon beurre blanc. Again with the beurre blanc sauce. My rice pilaf was overcooked, the sauce cold and the zucchini undercooked. Final tab, one dish done perfect. One dish needed lots of work. Guess which one is on our final? Except we'll pocher salmon.

Not a good day doing Le Pocher.

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