Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Our last three days in Pastry began with the written final.  I know I missed some of the product ID's.  Almond meal, missed that one, I put down bread crumbs.  Sea Salt, missed that one. Wrote down Kosher salt. I also missed Bread hook.  That's an attachment for mixers that we use to make bread.  I called it a hook.  That's a bonehead mistake. I guess they all are bonehead mistakes come to think of it.

Then it was on to the pastry practical.  I made the Buttercream cake, Short Dough or Pate Sucree and I made my Creme Anglaise.  Today I will be very busy,  I need to bake the Pate Sucree shell, cool it, make the Chocolate Ganache filling, cool it and then present it.  I also have to make my Buttercream frosting, cut my cake in half, and put a crumb coat on the cake.  Make a Chocolate Souffle and present that with the Creme Anglaise.  Two presentations and step two in completing my Celebration Cake.

These are fun! Even for celebrating boneheads.

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