Sunday, November 14, 2010

Across Cultures at Light Speed

Monday we take on North Africa, the Middle East, Turkey and Pakistan.  First Lebanon, where we are making Tabbouleh, a Bulgur wheat and Herb Salad.  Then to Turkey to make Pilav.  That's rice pilaf with currants and pine nuts.  On to Morocco to re-make Harsha, a simple flat bread made with semolina flour, butter and milk.  This time I use warm milk to make sure the yeast blooms.  Then on to Pakistan where we are making a very complicated lamb dish called, Gosht Pulao.  Many herbs and spices, Basmati rice which has to soak for an hour and marinated lamb which also needs to marinate for an hour.  All in a two and one half hour class. Oh, and a Matzoh dish that I cannot find a recipe for.  I believe that its located in Israel.  The dish, not the recipe.

I never wanted to spend too much time in the Middle East anyway.

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Erin said...

Did you ever find the recipe for Matzoh? Or did you just make something up?! hehe So how's the jetlag from the Middle East to Mexico? And does this mean we're going to have a multicultural Thanksgiving??
=) Love you! Datre