Thursday, November 18, 2010

Yes Masa!

Wow! It's Thursday night and I've missed two days of blogging.   Wednesday, I stayed late after school to help out on a bake sale for the Iron Toque Club.  I joined this club to help out some friends and it is suppose to look good on a resume.  Hey, it's an after school thing. I never did after school things when I was in school before.  Anyway, I made Chili.  About 4 gallons of it.  We sold it for $2.50 for 6 ounces.  That came with cheese, onions, sour cream and garnished with Cilantro.  Hot sauce was optional.  That's 512 ounces divided by 6 equals 82 servings at $2.50 comes to just under $180 bucks for the club.  Not bad!  Less expenses.
I got rave reviews for my chili from 4 Chefs and all the students except one. He said it needed more salt.  Bastard!

We made Thai food on Wednesday. See photo:

I made the noodles on the upper right and the pork dish on the lower left.  The dishes included Wor Tip or Pot Stickers, Fresh Shrimp Rolls from Vietnam, Phat Thai the center dish, Fried Rice Sticks Singapore style. Jar Jiang Mian, my pork dish and Soba Noodles, also my dish.  The ladies brought the place mats, fan and leaf.  We got very high marks, and it was delicious.

Today, one of our team mates didn't make it to school and we had to really scramble.  Making Spatzle, a pasta, sort of egg batter, sort of tear drop thingy that you put thru a perforated pan into boiling water and then saute in butter.  Tasted good, but it took me two tries to make it.  Two couscous salads with different types of couscous.  Pierogi, which is a German dish with potatoes and cabbage put into a dough and deep fried.  Germans have the worse sounding food. Spatzle, Pierogi?  We finished it off with homemade Fettucine Alfredo and Baklava.  My head is still spinning.

Tomorrow, it's Tamales, Empanadas and Pupusas, or Americas Masa day.

Who's your masa now?

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