Monday, November 8, 2010

Giving Back

Sunday I volunteered for an event called Alex's Lemonade Stand.  Alex was a child who had  contracted brain cancer.  She raised money to help pay the doctors who helped her by selling lemonade.  The first time, she presented a check to her doctors for $8.50.  Her last check presented just before she died at the tender age of 8 years old was $18,000 dollars.  This has been picked up across the nation by chefs and the food industry.  Locally, celebrity chef Suzanne Goins brought in twenty of the top chefs in the country to participate in this years event.

Chefs giving back of their time, their food and their talent was very evident yesterday as many of the nations top chefs were there donating all of the above for the cause of finding a cure for brain cancer.  I'm not sure how much was money was raised for this event.  I do know that a magnum bottle of wine, signed by all the chefs was auctioned for $2000.  That was the least amount spent on any auction item.  The highest amount paid was $38,000 for a home cooking event by one of the chefs.

I ask that you check out Alex's Lemonade Stand on-line.  You don't have to donate, but see how one extraordinary little girl made and is still making a difference.  If you want to donate, that's OK too.

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