Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Let them eat Cake!

Tuesday, my plan was to complete six items in preparation for the final presentation today on the Celebration Cake.  Buttercream frosting isn't hard to make.  It is important to follow the correct procedure in making Buttercream.  I didn't and no manner of trying to fix the initial mistake worked.  So 30 minutes before production was to stop, I gave up on the fix.  We make an Italian Meringue that is slowly incorporated into whipped egg whites.  You need to cool the meringue before adding the 1 pound of butter and emulsified shortening.  I didn't!  I made butter cottage cheese.  It looked as bad as it sounds.

So today, I need to make the frosting again.  Place a crumb coat on the cake and chill the cake and then frost the cake, decorate the cake and put a celebratory greeting on the cake.

I'll give you three guesses what that greeting might be.

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