Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's a small world after all!

Since announcing I was going to Italy for my externship, I received an email from Bill Baccus,  a good friend of the family.  Bill and my brother Jim are very good friends from back in their post high school days, and I have become close to Bill and his family over the last few decades.  Anyway, Bill knows this couple whom he met in Temecula.  They decided since their kids are away in college and business was slow, they would move to Italy for a year.  Hey, doesn't everyone do that.   Denise and Steve have moved to Spoleto, Italy which is about an hour and a bit from Casperia, where I'll be staying.  Bill told them about me, Denise emailed me, I responded and today we had my very first Skype conversation with Steve and Denise. What great people they are and they have extended to Chris and me their home when Chris comes to Casperia in February.  If nothing more than just to get our bearings while in Italy.

So my thanks to Bill, Denise and Steve and whoever is pulling strings from above for continually making this better and better.  (Thanks Mom)

I Hope that song isn't echoing in your head... It's a small, small world!

Denise and Steve have a blog site as well that talks about their stay in Spoleto. You should check it out.


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Erin said...

Yep, Gramma has had her hands in this the whole time! Can you see that cute grin she would get on her face? I can! She's so happy because you're so happy! I'm so excited for you Daddy! You were meant to go to Italy. It's in your blood after all. =)
Ti amo Papa!