Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Axis Bold as Shrimp Toast (a Jimi Hendrix reference)

Monday was another day spent in the far east exploring root vegetables of that region.  We made a Lotus Salad with the Lotus root.  This root is sort of a cross between jicama and a potato and is the root of the Lotus Flower. The national flower of both India and Viet Nam, its starchy and less sweet than jicama.  Chef sliced it very thin and deep fried it like a chip.  Then served a portion raw with a dressing of cider vinegar, salt, sugar, sliced green onion, minced ginger, a pinch of white pepper and sesame oil.   I liked the salad better than the chips.

I made Chicken Teriyaki and rice.  We also had something I had never heard of before, Shrimp Toast. No, it's not tiny pieces of fried bread.  A shrimp paste is made and spread on sliced baguettes cut on the bias and then deep fried.  Really good.  We rounded out our menu with a vegetable stir fry and a tempura sweet potato fry.

Chef said my teriyaki was too sweet, I disagreed and then he said that I should never salt the asian rice.  I thought it tasted great.  I'm getting bolder in my short time left in class.

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