Friday, November 19, 2010

Up and Adam

Really, it is up and at 'em.  But my sister always thought it was Adam.  Hey sis!

Anyway, I made the trek to school today and attended the 6 AM class instead of my usual 10 AM class.  Not many folks on the freeway at 4:30.  The drunks are either home or in jail and the commuters are not quite on their way to work.  At least not from Long Beach.  The trip took less than 30 minutes from LB to Hollywood.  The early morning class or as it's referred to the "A Class" only has 11 students and one Chef.  My class has 21.  So the attention to detail is better by the Chef, the fighting for fire space is non-existent and there is no line at the dish station.  And, we got to sit down, eat our food in a normal sit down manner and still got the kitchen cleaned and out by 9:35.  My class is lucky to eat anything, unless it's on the sly and we usually are 10 to 20 minutes late in getting out.  It just that wake time that is a bit bothersome.

We made Tamales, Empanadas and Sopas.  I see why the little old Mexican ladies make the tamales.  It's hard, and tedious.  But I got the hang of it and got really quick.  I think it is better to spend the $10 to $15 bucks for a dozen.   One of the students made a killer salsa verde and I made guacamole.  Another student made lemonade that one of the girls said tasted like "ASS".  He didn't put quite enough sugar in it.  We all laughed and he was a good sport about it.  Just went back and made some more...with more sugar.

All in all a good day for me.  And Adam!


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Erin said...

Too bad you had to wait till the last few weeks to switch classes. But sounds like it will be fabulous for you! Minus the early wake up call! Homey don't play that!!
I was wondering how you sent me an email at 11:34 this morning!!
By the way...about that email...Father/Daughter Catering hmmmm...I'm liking where you're going with that! Has a good ring to it! If we don't kill each other in the kitchen! Haha