Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lamb, the other dark meat!

Well, we never made it to the Caribbean.  The Jerk sauce just didn't get made. No Jerk sauce, no Jerk Pork.  The Cajon Shrimp from Louisiana was a big hit.  I got the sniffles and when you have the sniffles taste profiles are hard to determine.  Guess what, it needed more salt!  It was cooked to perfection and I'll take that.

Then it was off to Morocco and Tangine Lamb served with Harsha flat bread.  The lamb was great.  We work as teams in this class, and I had nothing to do with the Lamb except doing the mize en place for it.  I made the Harsha flat bread.  It's a yeast bread and I didn't allow the yeast to bloom by letting sit in warm milk.  Nowhere in the recipe did it say use warm milk.  If I was from Morocco, I would have nailed this one.  So the bread was just OK.

Then we did a Lamb Biryani that has twenty-three, that's 23 ingredients.  Its lamb cooked with basmati rice, apricots, potatoes, saffron, cinnamon sticks and 17 other things that I won't go into.  Google it!  It  looks like rice and lamb, because that's what it is.  Served family style, so you just pile it on a plate and we put some fine (fee-ney) herbs on top. Fine herbs are a french invention of Chervil, Chives, Tarragon and Parsley.  Finely minced.  Chef like it.  I thought it looked disgusting.  You be the judge as pictures accompany this blog issue.

Oh, and no trip to Thailand for the Curry Rice either.  But we did do a French omelet with fine herbs.  We made more herbs that we needed, so waste not, they went on the Biryani Lamb.   No pics.  You've seen one omelet, you've seen them all.

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