Thursday, November 11, 2010

If you knew Sushi, like I knew....

We traveled to Japan or Asia actually to take on Sushi.  Interesting fun facts.
Sushi originated in China, not Japan.  Sushi equates to seasoned rice.  Sticky rice uses rice vinegar, sugar and of course salt to help it become sticky and slightly sweet.  Hamaki or hand rolls did originate in Japan after WWII.  To make a Maki roll a tool called Makizu is used. That's the bamboo roll used to shape the rolls. The suffix (su or zu) refers to an item being a tool, hence Makizu.  The fish used in sushi was actually a preserving method.  This was accomplished by placing the fish in rice, covering completely and stacking subsequent fish and rice.  After three months, they would replace the rice (I would hope so) and re-stack the fish. Nigri is a single order of two pieces of fish and rice.  Nori is the kelp used in the Maki or Hamaki (hand roll).  All fun facts.

So we made Maki rolls, Nigri and because they ran out of Nori, I didn't get to make my Hamaki.

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