Monday, December 1, 2014

Treading Water in Camogli

When we were in Rome, my pocket got picked.  We had to cancel credit cards and such, a big pain in the ass, then call the credit card companies to get replacements.  Since we were coming to Camogli, we had the new cards sent up here.  Well, we are still waiting for one card.  Seems Fedex takes its sweet time on foreign deliveries.  Although, AE came in two days.  MasterCard is still pending.  So we are in a holding pattern waiting for the new card to arrive.

So while waiting, we went to a water polo match.  Stefano plays for the local Camogli Class A team and is their best player.  Water polo brought together Cassie and Stefano when she came here to play professionally.  It was a good match.

Stefano with Jackson

It was a romp.

Then it was back to Jack's Bar for the celebratory beer and pizza.

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