Thursday, December 4, 2014

Come on Baby, Light my Fire

Wednesday was our day to recoup and recover from 9 days on the road.  Laundry, house cleaning and relaxing were on the schedule for the day.  But, when you're in Italy, that sometimes can be a myth.

Take our Italian pellet heater for example.  It is the only source for heating the house except for a gas log fireplace in the kitchen.  I have a pellet smoker at home.  Works great!  The heater has been working without fail everyday here prior to leaving.  I cleaned out the catch basin and vacuumed the inside of residue and refilled it with a fresh bag of pellets.  Turned it guessed it, no fire.  The electric readout said H5.  ???

Our EdilKamin pellet heater Not Working
Chris remembered seeing manuals in a drawer so we searched and found the manual for our EdilKamin pellet heater.  Of course it's in Italian.  Once again Google Translate to the rescue.  Typing the Italian words Consiglli in Caso di Inconveniente turned out to be troubleshooting problems.  H5 blocco meant Black Out.  Seems I had to reset by waiting 10 minutes before I could turn the heater off by pushing the ON/OFF button.  I vacuumed again deeper inside and under the pellet catch basin and reassembled the unit.  Turned it on and waited, and waited all the meantime pellets are spilling out of the catch basin and not igniting.  Hmm?  Then I read and typed some more of the manual.

Seems I had to simultaneously push the ON/OFF and another button A/m after 2 minutes to re-ignite the pellets.  Smoke came, then fire, then blessed heat.  


I felt like Tom Hanks in the movie Castaway.  
In his immortal words, "Look what I have created...Fire!"

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