Thursday, December 25, 2014

Cry me a River

Our final leg of the Danube River cruise brought us to Passau, Germany.  This tiny city on the peninsula at the edge of three rivers captures your imagination.  The confluence of the Danube,  the Ilz from the Alps and the Inn river springing from the Black Forest region bring much beauty and also much damage when the rivers flood.   The last flood occurred in June, 2013.  The high water marks are still present and brought un-imaginable damage to this town.

Second to highest water line from June of 2013
The River Ilz side showed how high these rivers got. The walking bridge was completely submerged.

A family of bakers gave demonstrations of their baking prowess and wreath making.  Mother, father  and son making us all hungry.

Finally, the inscription on the floor of St. Stephen's cathedral sort of summed up our trip,  "we are meant to live simply on earth while looking up to the splendor and beauty that awaits us in heaven". 

St Stephans Cathedral

This ended our adventure up the Danube.  We took a train to Munich and spent two days there.  Munchen is a modern city with 17th Century buildings, transit of every conceivable type and Christmas was in the air.  

BMW headquarters

A Glockenspiel in a 17th Century Gothic building

One last Christmas Market

Leaving Munich brought us back to Collevalenza by way of biggest screw-up we have committed to date.  Taking a train to the airport to catch our RyanAir flight home, we discovered there are two airports in Munich and we were at the wrong one.  With not enough time to make it to the correct airport and being 2 days before Christmas, we were hosed.  994 euros later we jetted to Rome via Lufthansa airlines.  OUCH!  OUCH!

So now we sit in our Collevalenza home, heater working sometimes, on Christmas morning wishing you all the Merriest of Christmas' and a very Happy New Year!

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