Saturday, December 6, 2014

Same Day Pasta! NEXTDAY Mail?

Two things happened yesterday that did not include panic or a catastrophe.

Fedex, that overnight sensational mail delivery service, actually came through.  On Monday, when we discovered our card was floating around somewhere in Camogli, we cancelled that card and had to re-order new MasterCards.  By way of Columbus, Georgia, the package made it's way to Memphis, Tenn.  Then on to Charles De Gaul airport in France, where it must have taken a tour of the Eiffel Tower, than on to Milan, Italy.  From there it flew down to Cianpino airport near Rome where it hung out for a day. Then it hopped on a truck and made it's way to Franchesco's garage here in Collevalenza.  Fabio called us and we picked it up on Friday.  Total time 4 days.

Not exactly NEXTDAY

The next good thing that happened was an extraordinary find.  While in Camogli, we happened upon a Pasta Fresca shop where 3 ladies made all kinds of fresh pasta, sauces and sold them.  I thought, wouldn't be great if they had a shop like that in Todi?  Well, while driving to Todi, there was a rather large sign with an arrow underneath the words Pasta Fresca.  After searching for about 20 minutes, we happened to see a shop with a sign  "L'IDEA PASTA".  HURRAH, we found it!  Going in, we found a very nice lady who spoke very little english.  But a man came in from Holland who spoke better english than I do and explained to us everything this shop could do.  So L'IDEA PASTA di Antonella Canneori will now be at least a weekly stop for us.

Antonnela Canneori and me.

Besides selling homemade pasta, Antonnela makes and sells Dolci Aritgianali, (Homemade desserts),  Piatti pronto (ready made pasta dishes) and homemade pizzas.  We purchased two kinds of pasta, a salsa Noci (walnut sauce) and a Dolci of vanilla cream cake.

Maybe a white Christmas is in store for us.

Christmas is just around the corner so we  went out and bought our Christmas tree, lights, ornaments and a wreath for the front door.

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Ah, if that package could talk!