Thursday, December 11, 2014

Fulfilling the Prophecy that is this Blog.

I swear, this pellet heater will be the death of us all.  The damn thing worked perfectly last night.  No crumbled yellow pages, no coaxing, it just lit up and heated the room.  Turned if off, went to bed and woke up to a smoked filled room.  Well, not smoke filled but a bit smoky.  I emptied the caldera which was warm but did not contain any embers.  Then on each side of it, unburned pellets had tumbled in and need to be vacuumed out.  So I did, and then the vacuum cleaner went nuts and I looked and saw red.  As in, hot burning pellets inside the dirt holder of the vacuum, red!  It was torched!  Guess I need to turn in that Boy Scout merit badge for fire starting.  So, the Sistoni's have a brand new Hoover vacuum cleaner.

Then it was off to the Uffico Postale (Post Office) to pay the gas bill for the gas we got for the house in November.  426eu payable at the uffico postale.  Seems most bills for electricity, gas and such are paid there.  We pulled a number, A062 at 11:36 AM and saw they were serving A051. We sat down and waited, and waited and waited.  Finally, our number is called and we give the very nice lady our gas bill along with our MasterCard, newly delivered and used several times since, and it failed to go through. Twice!  Ok, CapitalOne debit card...nope!  American Express... forgetaboutit.   Off to the ATM where the CapitalOne card worked perfectly and withdrew 500eu, which is actually $650, to pay cash for the gas.  Walked out of there at 12:45 PM.  Got a caffe latte and a cappuccino along with a really good brioche filled with vanilla cream.

We came home to Mario, a very nice man who is either a friend or relative of the Sistoni's, who sang while he was trimming the grape vine and cleaning up the yard.  The weather has been cold but clear and sunny.  Now we are getting ready for our Christmas Faire River Cruise up the Danube river.  Washing our clothes and cleaning the house with our new vacuum cleaner.  

I really do like this place.

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