Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Marta and the Wine Factory

Italy's Best Buy

Tuesday, we were still having trouble with Chris' 3G phone and her ability to pick up WiFi.  It would only pick up WiFi at home using the Wind device from our computer.  Draining it of its 12Gigs.  The Poker store was not helping.  English was nonexistent there and the man who ran the store was becoming less friendly each time we showed up with a problem.  

When we purchased our TomTom navigation device in Corciano at the Euronics store, we were helped by a very nice lady who spoke really good english and was engaging and anxious to hear a bit about California.  It was only a 45 min drive, so off we set to find Marta.  Luck was with us and she was there and not busy.  She explained when we thought we had added minutes by paying an additional 5eu, we were actually short 4.12eu.   This was after a 10 minute phone call she made to Wind.  So we paid an additional 5eu and we were good to go.  But not after thanking her profusely and embarrassing her by taking her photo.

Marta and me

Driving back home, Chris said we should stop by the wine factory we saw just outside Ponterio.  Why not?  Cantina Tudernum offers reds and whites as well as Grappa and a few other dessert wines.  The method of purchasing these wines vary.

Merlot or  Bianco

Sangiovese or Pinot Grigio

Or by the bottle or jug

A couple came in with 6 jerry cans, about 6 gallons/can and filled them up.  I ask if we could move in with them.  Purchase by the box, barrel or bottle.  Bring your own or buy one of theirs.  Total Wines and More, take note.

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