Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Hungary - Sweet or Hot

After a nice sleep in our "state room" it was time to explore Budapest.  It's been a very dry winter, ski resorts are closed, no snow on the ground in the city making the Christmas markets a little less spectacular.  But Budapest is the best place for bargains as their currency, the HOF is still in place as Hungary does not use the Euro.

To some, it didn't matter there wasn't any snow.
The delights were many.

But, food came to mind when I saw the wide assortment of culinary tastes.  Sausages, kabobs, potatoes with vegetables, and potato pancakes.  I went with the potato pancakes and paprika chicken with mulled wine.

Paprika chicken with Sour Cream

I learned cooking with paprika needs to done in the following manner to get the full taste of this wonderful spice.  Heat your oil, then remove it from the fire and then add your paprika.  Making sure not to burn the spice.  Sprinkling it on food only adds the color, not the flavor of this wonderful spice.

The Paprika pepper, hot or sweet, is amazing.
Topped off the visit with a bit of strudel.

Pumpkin with Poppy Seed and Sour Cherry Strudel.
Budapest is a wonderful city in a country that has had an amazing history.  The Romans, The Mongrels, Austrian/Hungarian empires, Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.   Its all visible to see and the people are so kind to Americans.  

Now it's off to Slavakia.  

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