Thursday, December 18, 2014

"Wherever there is a Solvak, there is a song."

When you leave a place like Budepest that captures your heart, you hope your next destination will be as good.  Lucky for us, Bratislava was our next destination .  The capital of Slovakia is now a thriving city that is the home of 3 automobile manufacturing plants; Kia, VW/Audi, it’s own vehicle which I have forgotten and also the customer service call center of Europe.  Sort of like India is for the U.S.

Composers like Mozart, Hayden and Beethoven often visited this city.  However, now it's revivals of Queen and The Beatles that seem to capture the music lovers here.  There is an old Slavic saying...

They do love music here.

The lighted heartedness of this city is what made it so fun.

Touch his helmet and you'll have good luck

It was walking distance from the boat so there was no need for buses to transport anyone.
Chris walking up to the town center.

Not the Swedish Chefs.

Christmas Market?  Of course.
Food?  Oh yeah!

Spiral Fried Potato

Since the Communists left in 1989, the country and city have prospered.  In 2004, it was admitted into NATO and now is part of the EU.

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