Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Not a Typical 2 Days, or is it?

Monday, we waited patiently for Fedex to deliver our replacement MasterCard.  The post came around 2 and as yet it had not arrived.  So we called them.  What a hassle.  Anyway, two dropped calls and two supervisors later, we had no resolution.  Their records showed Fedex delivered the card on Friday.  Left at the front door....of an apartment building.  Cassie and Stefano did not have it, it was addressed to them, it was nowhere to be found.  So we canceled that card.  Just a note of warning, a MasterCard with two names attached to the account is one account number.  At least the Hawaiian Air card we have is that way.  So my card that was stolen was replaced and sent to our house.  Chris' card was no longer valid and we were having her new card sent to Camogli.  Since we can't find it, both cards are no longer any good because we cancelled the replacement cards.  Are you following this?  So after much haggling, we still don't have a card, it's being overnighted to us in Collevalenza.  Oh yeah, 5 to 7 business days for replacement.  How can overnight be 5 to 7 days?
American Express, 48 hours to replace.  You just can't use it in 80% of the places here in Italy.  They wanted to give us 20,000 extra miles for our inconvenience.  "What about the 3 extra days we had to pay for hotel waiting for your card that took five days to be shipped and then left at an apartment door that we don't have?"  "Um, we'll get back to you on that."  Still waiting for them to get back to us.

Sadly, leaving Camogli
Tuesday morning we were up early to catch the train for the 5 hour ride to Rome and make our way back to Collevalenza via bus.  Checking out at 5:45 in Camogli, was another adventure.  The front desk guy was sleeping.  Pissed we woke him up, telling us we should have let them know we were checking out early on Tuesday.  I told him, "we did".  Oh!  Then my Debit card would not go thru, the AMX card was not accepted and it was a dash for cash up 50 steps to the nearest ATM to pay the hotel bill.  I hate MasterCard.  Anyway, Libby met us at the train station to send us off.  A very special lady, she is.  We caught the right trains, caught the right bus and were dropped off at Franchesco's to pick up our rental car with new tires.

Fabio (David) and Franchesco

To top off the day, the neighbor lady Graciella, who speaks no english and continues to talk non-stop in Italian, came over with the gas bill we have to pay.  I thought Chris was going to explode.  Anyway, got her out the door, went to the market, got food, ate, drank a bunch of wine and now are settled in back at Collevalenza.

How was your day?

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Ginger said...

Enjoying your blog. You do manage to find adventures in the strangest places!