Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Lights of Todi and Help from the Yellow Pages

After dropping off our wine we headed back to Todi to witness the lights and maybe get a bite to eat.  I was really tired of cooking pasta.  Or more to the point, eating pasta.  I needed some meat and potatoes.  The wind was up and it was about 34 degree  (feelings of Kona's Trade Winds keep flying past my mind).  The town is lit up and all the shops are open with Christmas decorations.  It just seems really cool shopping in a medieval town at Christmas time.

Shops along a tiny street in Todi

Chris in the Piazza del Popolo

Inside a cafe/bar to warm up

Then it was off to Massimo's for dinner in Collevalenza.  This restaurant was highly recommended by Mike Sistoni.  We took pictures of the food but they weren't real good, but the food was amazing.  Veal Scaloppini with roasted rosemary potatoes.  Lamb chops with grilled vegetables and Tiramisu for dessert.  Then home to find our pellet heater would not ignite.  I tried till midnight to fire up that bad boy.  It would just sit there and beep at me.  Google translated about six pages of the instruction manual and still could not find a reason why it would not start up.  We went to bed cold, certain this was our last week in Collevalenza. 

In the morning, I again tried.  This time with the Todi Yellow Pages in hand and crumpled pages of Italian advertisements, I got it to work.  I was never a Boy Scout, but I'm sure I would have made a good one.

Lets see what today brings us, shall we?

Tiramisu for 2 

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