Sunday, December 28, 2014

Making the Holidays Merry and Bright

After Christmas, we were paid a visit by Derek and his girl friend Ellie.  They traveled to Hamburg and Berlin to see Derek's relatives.  Then they flew to Rome and bussed up to Todi, just to see us.  They decided to stay in a B&B in the town center of Todi.  We drove there to meet them just in time to see the town procession from the Plaza del Popolo to the main gate.  Mary, Joseph, the wise men and Roman Centurions all making their way down the street.  With flute accompaniment!

Then nothing satisfies after a procession than a crepe of strawberry and custard.  Made by the kindly dressed Santa and his helper.

Nothing says Santa like these two.

We returned to our home in Collevalenza to exchange gifts.  Derek really liked the Likor Marille chocolates, having two.

Ellie looking on in amazement.

The following day we were able to meet up again with Danile and Maria at their dress shop to drop off their Christmas gifts of American Tea Towels and a Italian Cake.  We were fortunate that a cousin Marcello and his girl friend Paola where there to visit and purchase some clothing.  Paola spoke excellent english and gave us about four towns near by we should visit and what to see.  Then Danile's daughter, Elena, also speaking very good english, gave us wineries in the area to visit and a few more towns we should see.  

L to R Elena, Chris, Maria, Danile, Paola and Marcello

That night we finally got snow.  Well, hail actually on a stormy thunderous night.  Only to wake to this sight out our front door.  The hill town of Todi.

A very nice post Christmas to be sure.

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