Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Sound of Music with Brats and Beer.

Linz was our next stop up the Danube.  This city is another that has been around for over a thousand years.  It is the home of two universities that educate European’s at no cost to the student.  Salzburg has three universities.

(Aside) Could it be that better educated people are least likely to become a drain on countries where this not the case?

But, what was important to this cruise is this is the gateway to Salzburg.  We traveled about two hours by bus to this magical town lead by Helmut, with two dots over the U.  An Austrian by birth, he lives part time in Linz and part time in Salzburg.  He regaled us with stories about The Sound of Music and Mozart for the entire trip up to Salzburg.   (Sorry, we didn’t get a picture of him in his authentic Austrian garb.) 

People of Salzburg are not altogether thrilled with the depiction of the Von Trapp family in the movie.  But, Hollywood was not to be denied.  The family did escape the Nazi annexation of Austria by escaping to Italy.  Not by climbing 600 miles over the Alps, but by train.  Not as romantic for sure.  A funny story Helmut told was the scene in which the Nazi banners were hung up for the movie were left up over night.  The next morning a Russian contingent of politicians arrived in Salzburg to witness the banners hanging in the square.  Not what they were expecting, I’m sure.

Of course there were Christkindl Markets galore but Chris and I took the funicular up to the castle to witness an exquisite view of the city.  This is also where I believe Chris fell in love with sausage.  Never one to partake in sausage, “too many hard chunks to bite into”, she loved the Brats and beer. 

View from the Castle in Salzburg

On the way back, Helmut was asked more about Mozart, who never had the name Amadeus except in the movie. He also did not die a pauper.  He was, however, buried in a mass grave.  His son was also a composer who suffered from the identity crisis that comes from having a famous father.

All fun stuff we learned on our trip up the Danube.

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