Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Danube is not Blue

Saturday morning we hopped the bus from Collevalenza to Rome.  Our final destination being Budapest, pronounced Budaphest.  After spending the night in Ciampino at the Hotel Ciampino next to the airport, with probably the worst bed sheets ever, we were up early Sunday morning to catch our flight on RYANAIR to Hungary.  Our tickets on RYANAIR were only 21eu each.  But then you pay for your bags, 20eu, 10eu for assigned seats and priority boarding, another 20eu.

Upon arriving in Hungary, we were met by our Uniworld rep and shuttled off to meet the Riverboat Beatrice.   Where we will be traveling up the Danube to Germany.  Since we were early to the boat, we weren't able to check into our rooms, but lunch was available and we partook.

Champagne and Chocolate Mousse
And then a quick massage for us both from Snezhina.  She's our shipboard activities director.  

No shipboard activity would be complete without safety drills.  Accompanied by more Champagne and snacks. 

Learning how to put on a life vest

After dinner, some Drambuie on the rocks.

The Executive Officer and us
I may have to give up cooking and go on a life long Riverboat journey.  I think I could last, financial, until the end of 2015, then I could just jump off the fantail of the boat and die happy.

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