Saturday, January 1, 2011


Day one

After more than 28 hours I was able to eat, take a shower and sleep.  If I had rank them in order of importance, it would be impossible.    I was able to navigate my way around Rome/Fiumicino airport without much difficulty.  I was probably more wary of people than ever after hearing horror stories of gypsies and pick-pockets.  I needened have worried.  Met a couple from Reno who were vacationing as we went through the passport check point.  Seems the more people I tell what I'm doing, the more I hear, "I would so love to do that".

I ask a security guard  where the train station was (in English) and he responded (in English), right out the door, upstairs to the second level and follow the train signs.  I  had to check where I was for a second.  I Bought my round trip ticket to Poggio Merteto and called Paola at restaurant and told her I was on my way.  Exactly 90 minutes after the train left I was at Poggio Merteto and Paola, Franco and AnnaLisa were there to meet me.   We drove about  5 minutes to the restaurant where I met Julie, my classmate, who is here for 12 weeks. She leaves the same time I do.   

Day 2
New Years eve day we worked. Paola had a big party to cook for at the town school for 40 people.  They use the big room like we used the hall at local church or school.  Paola was serving, lobster with fresh pasta, salmon, a potato octopus salad, lentils with a stuffed pork shank.  The bone is removed and stuffed with a forcemeat, poached and served with the lentils.  Homemade custard ice creame thingy served on puff pastry with chocolate chips and sliced oranges.  They partied till way past midnight with music, dancing, fireworks and of course, eating.  I worked until 1:45 AM 1/1/11 and called it a night. Julie and I walked home up the hill to our apts and I slept until 1 PM.  Julie woke me up as we were going to see a lady about Italian lessons.  I passed and the lady never showed up anyway.  Julie was bummed.

So I am using Julie's wireless device and her Mac for now.  Need to get to Rome and get wired up. Hopefully in the next few days as we work Sunday.  A busy day for Paola and her restaurant.

Ciao for now.

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Denise said...

Dear Tom,
We worried about your flight over. It was wonderful to see when life gave you lemons you made limoncello! How very Italian of you. We look forward to seeing you Thursday and touring your new home.

"Traveling is the ruin of all happiness! There's no looking at a building after seeing Italy."