Saturday, January 29, 2011

Should you go to Culinary School?

The last two days, we haven't worked.  Chef Paola is under the weather. Friday we went in, made lunch for Franco, then left.  I  helped him later that day carry up tables and boxes to their new kitchen/school/apartment just up the stairs from where I'm staying.  The new school will be ready at the end of February.  No more pick ups at town center for the 2 minute ride to the cucina.  End of an era.

Saturday, Julie and I went to Rome, she to shop, I wanted to find the rental car place in Villa Borghese.  Finally, Chris is flying in to Italy and I'm picking her up Monday afternoon.  But the Hertz rental place is just around the corner from the Spanish Steps.  So, I have to take the train in, pick up the car, drive thru Rome to the airport, then drive back around Rome to Casperia.  Anyway, when I got to the Hertz rental place, they close at 1 on Saturday.  It was 2 when I got there.  But I at least know where it is and hope to get maps when I'm there.  Please, keep me in your prayers!


Public Fountain Drinking

Made a meat sauce with Penne pasta and fresh bread for dinner. Drank a bottle of cheap Italian red wine and called it a night.  I'm re-reading Medium Raw by Anthony Bourdain and I'm enjoying it all over again.  He may be an egotiscal bastard, but he writes good and his stories are funny.  It's his much later follow-up to Kitchen Confidential.  Both good reads.  I love his advice about wether or not you should go to culinary school. 

Check it out!


Denise said...

Sorry about the car rental. We have never had that problem with our company. YIKES. Well, I'm certain having Chris in the car will make it all worthwhile. I hope you answered your own posted question with a "Heck Yes!". You looked quite content when we met you at the restaurant. New adventures as a coppia! Ciao amico.

Greg Simms said...

Hey Tom! Go to the rental car place at the airport. The train goes right to Fiumicino from PM Scala. When I left Italy, I put my bags in my car and I drove myself to the airport, turned in the car and walked to my gate.

Donna said...

The thing that saved us as we drove everywhere in Italy was our GPS - does Chris have one she can bring with her? Just make sure she has it downloaded for Italy. Tom drove 4 females (mom, Janae, Megan and me) 1000's of miles there and very rarely got lost thanks to GPS! We even used it in Venice since it has a "walking mode"! Miss you! My retirement date has now changed to either Feb 28 or March 1.....Donna