Saturday, January 8, 2011

Proving the small world theory

Buonasera, (good evening)
I got a special treat today as we made gnocci served with walnut paste and a blue cheese sauce.  Oh My God!  And, a very nice visit from Steve and Denise Haerr.  Steve and Denise have taken up residence in Spoleto, Italy from their California home of Temecula.  I did not know them before, but were introduced by a good mutual friend, Bill Baccus.  Bill and I go way back to our neighborhood days, but acutally he is a friend of my older brother.  Anyway after a few Skype chats, the Haerr's came by the restaurant for a first time visit and lunch while on the way to Rome and a long flight home to see kids and parents.  After a great visit, things we descovered about us; their favorite place to visit is the Arc Light Cinema in Hollywood.  Which happens to be right across the corridor from Le Cordon Bleu where I attended school.  The fact they know a long time friend in Bill and are fun travelers made for a fun afternoon. See photos:

Chef Paola, along with classmate Julie and Denise.

Steve, Denise along with most beautiful and tasteful pumpkins I have ever had.

Dining at Gusto al Borgo.

When Chris comes to Italy later this month, we have been asked and readily agreed to stay with Steve and Denise for part of the time here.  They also came bearing gifts.  A huge jug of home made wine and a culinary book of foods by region in Italy...all the things a good cook needs to survive in Italy.

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