Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Gusto al Borgo (Taste of the Village)

This is the school and cucina where I am studying and working in Casperia. It is also the home of Paola and Franco Angelelli.  Paola is our chef, a matter of fact kind of woman who is very patient with us.  Franco does not cook but wanders into the kitchen all the time looking for something to eat.  She tells him in Italian, "Franco, go do something and get out of my kitchen, momma mia!"  He speaks very little english,  but responds back with expressions and impressions that make you laugh.  They are wonderful people and very giving to the students who come here.
 Unless there are advance reservations, business is slow this time of year.  So we cook lunch for ourselves, then eat it.  Clean up, take off a few hours, cook dinner, clean up and then go back to Casperia. With dinner!

This photo shows a small portion of the land they own with olive groves everywhere.  They have their own olive (olio) oil called Asprese (As pressa).  This was the original name of the town now called Casperia.

I'll have more photos and descriptions as time goes on.


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Sara Collins said...

Promise me you will take me home some olive oil. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaasssssssssssse???